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About Us

Over the past 55 years our dad has meticulously shaped and finished laminated recurved composite bows, and custom built period correct Hawken Rifle's using supreme grade Fiddleback Maple which is finished to a golden glow using the same techniques that were used on the originals.

Now, he is turning pens on a wood lathe and this is his finest hour. He is not only using wood of yester years but new materials and finishing techniques as well. His past experience shaping and finishing wood along with the new materials and processes combined has helped him produce exceptional Top of the line pens. .                                                                                                                                                

From the time he was a child, he has loved the beauty of Utah Juniper, with its unbelievably brilliant colors with unpredictable grain patterns with tight  knots, interlocking grain with unusual random swirls of ivory, shades of peach to violet and rose with dark purple overtones.  It was the love of this amazing wood that cultivated his burning desire to build pens. In his years of working with large quantities of exotic imported woods,  he's never seen a more amazing wood. As far as we know, we the only ones using this fantastic wood for building pens. The wood we are using was reclaimed from private property and is from trees that are over 70 years old. No two pens are the same and you can be the first to have a pen from this wood that we call "Utah Rosewood". We know you will love it.

We also use Bubinga ( African Rosewood), Brazillian Jatabo, Cocobolo, Macassar Ebony, Bird's Eye Maple, Curly Maple, Spalted Tiger Oak, Bethlehem Olivewood, Pink Ivory, Purple Heart, Stabilized Burl Oak, and many others. We also use different colors of acrylic.